Fishing in Scotland


Scotland is world class for fishing, well we are an Island, so there is a plethera of choice between sea fishing and fresh water fishing. The Gulf stream keeps us protected from extreme freezing conditions and some fairly high mountains up the West coast get hit by Atlantic storms, giving plenty of moisture to keep our rivers full.

Our seas have a wide variety of species, Spur Dog, Thornback, Tope, Cod, Pollock, Mackerel. Our rivers and lochs, contain various species such as Atlantic salmon, sea trout, brown trout, pike and perch, artic char, grayling and even powen a very rare species and is therefore protected. I have only mentioned a few of the more popular and rare species.

Rainbow trout are an introduced species from Canada, they can only be found in, or should only be found in, non migratory waters, like reservoirs, or man made lochs and lakes ie the Lake of Menteith, one of Scotlands most famous rainbow waters, situated right on our door step not 20 minutes away.

Scotland has some of the Worlds best known salmon rivers, the Dee, a superb river where I learned to fish for Salmon as a young boy. The Tay, the Spey, the Tweed, the Don, the Esk, and our very own rivers Teith and Fourth. I only mention a few.

fishing in scotland

James Bayne Fishing Tackle is situated in Callander, a stones throw away from the river Teith. Together with the river Forth these were one of Scotlands most prolific systems last year, poducing nearly 1500 Salmon between them, plus we have an amazing run of Sea Trout, which can begin as early as March, Sea Trout can get upwards of 10lbs!

There is some spectacular pike and perch fishing in the local area, with some pike weighing in at 40 lbs + and perch regularly at 2 lb+.

With sea fishing you will easily be able to charter a local boat, from one of the many ports we have. If a number of you get together, this will help reduce the costs, however it is not that expensive. The skipper will usually advise you of the correct baits to use for the type of fish you want to target, equipment hire is sometimes possible.

The further north you head in Scotland especially up to Sutherland you will find hundreds of fresh water lochs, full of hard fighting wild brown trout, these fish are amazing, pound for pound they fight twice as hard as any rainbow trout, and are beautiful to eat, generally anything under 10″ should be returned to the water unharmed.

Not only has Scotland got some amazing water, but it’s Europes largest wilderness with some totally stunning countryside and incredibly diverse wild life, including: Otters,Scottish Wild Cat, Golden Eagles, Ospreys, Buzzards, Kites, Hawks, Red Squirrels, Badgers, Pine Martins, Red, Roe and Siku Deer, Grouse, Pheasants, Black cock, Capercaillie, Partridge and the rarer Ptarmigan, to name but a few.

Scotland is steaped in history and tradition, including some of the earliest known habitats of mankind, Scara Brae, briochs, pictish hill forts,Roman forts and defensive walls and some incredible castles.

Out door activities: Scotland is well known for it’s spectacular mountains, where hill walking and climbing are very popular. So is skiing on glen Shee and glen Coe, where the famous massacre of the clan Macdonald took place by the clan Campbell in 1692. Deer stalking, curling, mountain biking, canoeing and sailing are also very popular pastimes.