Maggotts (white,red or mixed) price includes container.

1/2 pint £2.50
1 pint £5.00

We can accommodate any bait requirements if you advise us in plenty of time as we have access to bait supplies we don’t stock for the shop.

Worms :Dendrobaena

Regular size £2.60 per tub approx 20 per tub
Match pack £8.50 per tub approx 100 per tub
Lob worms to order £10.00 min order.
Wasp grubs £2.00 per tub….by order

Please advise us If you have any bait requirements we don’t list.

Power Bait

We stock a massive selection of colours inc: imitation maggotts, worms and Salmon eggs from £4.99 a jar Get 3 Jars for £12.00

Ground bait

From £5.00 a bag, different flavours, strawberry, pineapple, etc….by order

Dead Bait

Blues £4.50
Smelt £4.20
Pike Packs Sml £4.00 | Pike Packs Lrg £5.00
Mackeral/Joeys £4.20
Full Lamprey x 3 £10.00
Lamprey section £10.00
Brown Trout £4.20
Rainbow trout £4.20
Eel £5.00
Perch £4.00
Skimmer Bream £4.00
Sprats Gold/Purple £3.00
Subject to seasonal availability.

We keep in stock, a wide variety of baits, however we also have access to many more. Please let us know of any speciality bait requirements you might have. We try to deliver within 48 / 72 hrs dependant on product and seasonal availability.

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