River Forth

River Forth




We can now sell day permits on line


Tidal water famous for its oxbows. A couple of miles long. Best fishing at high water.


Salmon, sea trout, brown trout


Fishing permits are available in store from James Bayne fishing tackle, Angling Centre Callander.


Accessible from public and private roads including the A84 Stirling / Callander road alongside the north bank.


Around 13 named pools.


This is the new price list for salmon permits for the rivers Teith and Forth 2018.

Stirling council have introduced a new payment structure this year, you are now able to buy a 3 monthly permit for £100.00

Feb to April…………£100.00
May to July…………£100.00
August to October…£100.00

ADULT £200.00 2 tags
JUVENILE(12-21 years)1 Tags £15.00
CONCESSION 2 tags £150.00
Up to 3 named children on £5.00

Adult permit(up to 22+ years )

NB: No roving permits this year both rivers included in the same price !
from the 1st of February to the 31st August

1st Feb to 31st August £30.00
1st Sept to 31st October £45.00
1st Feb to 31st October £5.00





3 New rule changes for 2012.

1. All fish to be returned till 1st of june.
2. No live bait fishing after dark.
3. Barbless hooks to be used after you have caught you fish limit
4. All sea trout to be returned, catch and release only

Anglers Must Not:

Set lines or have any form of rod rest, rod must be in hand at all times
Bait fish before the 1st of june and after the 26th of august
Use prawn, shrimp, or any organic baits at any time
Dig for bait, at or adjacent to the fishery
Use swim feeders on the Teith
Make use of natural minow, tailers or knotted nets or gaffs at any time.
Use lead core or fast sinking line, multi hook lures or more than one baited hook. All fish hooked behind the gill line must be returned to the water immediatekly.
Fish at one point when others are waiting – EXCEPT on the 6 Piers at Cornton Vale where there is a time limit of 15 minutes. Move 1metre between casts. On marker posts sections anglers must start at the upstream post
Night fish, between sunset and sun rise in Norman’s pool Callander. No night fishing after 31st august on the whole fishery. Fishing after sunset before 31st august is restricted to rods less than 12ft, overall, lines of less than 8lbs breaking strain and a hook smaller than No 6. Closure times on the Forth fishery from the 1st september will be displayed on the fishery information boards.
Cut the line and return the fish to the water with the hook still in it.
Anglers must

All permit holders must: – Attach immediately after landing an issued tag through the mouth and gills of all fish to be removed from the fishery. (The removal of untagged salmon from the fishery will result in the immediate removal of permit and life ban)
Only the permit holder can tag the fish they have caught. Tags are not transferable.
Only have one permit each.
Any salmon taken must be tagged.
All unused tags must be returned along with catch return to the Council within 3 working days once the permit has expired.
Permit holders must make their catch returns by the due date to include all tagged and returned fish with their details, and this includes any nil returns. Offenders will be unable to buy a permit for the following season or will have it withdrawn if purchased.
Anglers must produce a permit to an authorised baliff on demand (Any abuse of baliffs will result in immediate permit withdrawal and probable ban).
Record All catches (including nil returns) on the catch return section of the permit
Fish acording to the law. It is illegal to sell, or offer for sale, any rod caught salmon .Any conviction under the salmon acts will mean an automatic withdrawal of any current permit and a minimum ban of 5 seasons
Obey the temporary closure notices due to low water conditions as determined by the marker on the motorway bridge and the condition of fish within the river. Details will be given in advance on the information boards and in tackle shops.
Reurn all hen fish caught in october
Anglers who fish on Stirling council fisheries do so at their own risk and should excersise care when wadding or negotating banks
All unused tags to be returned to Stirling council at the end of the season by agreed date.
A juvenile season permit will be issued with 1 tags for salmon.
Stirling council may at any time close the fishery , change or introduce a new rule (this should only be on the authority of head of service and should be a presponse to an emergency situation.)
Any person found taking a coloured fish (fish about to spawn) from the water will have their permit withdrawn and will be subject to the procurator fiscal.

The rights of responsible access under the land reform (Scotland) act 2003 do not give the right to fish.



Fish upstream of other fishing anglers
Wait your turn to fish a pool from it’s head
Remove your old line and litter from the bank and dispose of sensibily
Stay about 15m from the next angler or 30m when they or you are using a fly
Respect the property, access and privacy of those who live or work on or near the fishery. Please park your car considerately and do not block access
Beware of other users of the river bank
Ripe or darkly coloured fish should be returned to the water.If in doubt return it!
Fish being returned to the water should not be handled by the tail and should be released as quickly as possible . Remove the hook and release the fish upstream untill it swims away.
Fish being retained should be killed as quickly as possible using a priest or suitable instrument.

Code of conduct procedures:

All anglers must obey the rules set down by Striling council. Failure to do so may result in miss conduct proceedings.
Where matters of misconduct have been reported these will be investigated and a full report detailing all the circumstances will be reported to council officials for consideration.
Depending on the nature of the allegation, matters may be dealt with ion writting, however, those allegations of a serious nature may be dealt with by way of a misconduct hearing.
Penalties for those breaking the rules as set by Stirling council will range from warnings, fines to bans.
There will be an appeal procedure. Appeals against any decissions have to be lodged in writting within 14 days outlinning the grounds for appeal. All appeals to be lodged with the land services manager.
Persons under investigation will notified in writing and will be recorded and held for future reference by Stirling council.
Where an incident of misconduct has been reported the matter will be investigated in the first incidence by the fisheries officer.

He / She will be responsible for gathering all available evidence and reporting the case to the country side team leader for his / her consideration. If the matter under investigation is considered to be minor then a final decision in respect of how that case may be dealt with can be taken by the countryside team leader. If however, the matter is considered to be one of the more serious nature then this should be refered to the land services manager via the countryside team leader.

Thereafter it will be the decision of the land services manager whether the case can be dealt with by way of letter or if it requires to be heard as part of a missconduct hearing.

Miss conduct hearing structure:

There should be a quorum of at least three persons, one of whom should be appointed as chairperson. The others should be independent of the councils fisheries. Any hearing should be recorded. In all case, the subject under investigation should be notified in writting as to how his / her case is being dealt with.


Fishery baliff – record and report incident

Fisheries officer – prepares report with recommendations

Countryside team leader – provides formal decision

Land services manager – appeals and mssconduct hearings

Angling Centre Callander