Fishing report by Jim Boyd

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 06 July 2015. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 05 July 2015.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles) On the individual front Tom Melville & Jim Galloway from Blairgowrie kept 12 fishweighing 27lb 8oz, Brian Thorn, Glen Devon and Alastair MacMillan, Comrie, 12 fish for 28lb, Ian Gibson & Jock McKenzie, Edinburgh, 12 fish weighing 26lb 8oz and Lawrence & Charles Court from Perth took 7 fish weighing 16lb. Jim Watson & Dave Gonsales from Auchtermuchty had 12 fish weighing 29lb 8oz, John Pirie, Tillicoultry, 4 fish for 8lb 8oz, Jim Sheehan & Peter Tong Bridge of Allan kept 8 fish weighing 19lb, Albert McKinnes, Tullibody, caught and released 7 and Ian Gibson & Jock McKenzie from Edinburgh caught 8 fish weighing 20lb.
The CIBA A/C kept 27 fish weighing 61lb 6oz, Cove & Kilcreggan A/C 10 fish for 22lb 8oz – heaviest 3lbs 8oz, Phoenix A/C caught 22 fish weighing 49lb and released 3 and Ferranti A/C kept 18 fish weighing 43lb 4oz and released 22. Aberdour A/A 40 fish weighing 94lb 6oz and Denny & District A/C kept 11 fish weighing 25lb 8oz.
The best working flies included the Bibio Hopper, Sedgehogs, Kate McLaren, CDC Hoppers, Sedge Muddlers and various cormorants and all areas of the loch are fishing well.

2. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) warmer, muggy weather this week has resulted in some fussy feeding fish. The feeding spells have been quite sporadic in when they have been happening but if you can get on the fish when they are feeding the sport has been very good. The dry fly fishing has been good when the conditions suit with Floating Fry, Sugar Cube Shipman’s, Sedges and Shuttlecocks taking fish on all the ponds. Nymphs have out fished Buzzers on all the ponds as well with Diawl Bachs being a noted pattern. When fishing lures a Hot Head Damsel, the Orange Blob and a Yellow Dancer have taken some beating.
The Bankside is fishing well for the time of year and is quite clear as well. There are a lot of fish sat quite far out which is making them a bit harder to catch but there are also good numbers of fish close in feeding around the weed bed and targeting fry. This has also been the first week of us allowing bait on the pond and it has went very well so far with a few good fish being caught but none of the monsters have appeared yet. Mr Birse had 12 off the top in 3 hours, Mr Jones had 9 on Nymphs and Mr Mills had 5 fish on Powerbait for 11lb. The Burnside has been steady but you have to go deep to get them consistently. The bung is the best way of doing that with a Cat Bug and anything with a gold head to take it down will do the job. Either that or a sunken line will get down deep enough. Mr Barlow had 12 on a Hare’s Ear with his largest was one of the big blue trout around 11lb and Mr Johnston had 11 on a Yellow Blob. The Boathouse is still a bit brown but it has still been really good with fish sat high in the water. The washing line is the best method on there at the moment; Mr Kirk had 14 on that method using a Black Blob and the Diawl Bach. Mr Bourne did well with a Hot Head Damsel taking 2 for 9lb including a 6lb rainbow and put back 6. The Woodside has seen the fish going much deeper and for the first time this year it has paid to fish with a lead on the bottom with Powerbait as this has out fished the float by a big margin. Mr Riley had 8 fish for 14lb on Green Powerbait and Mr Walker was surprised to taking his fish so quickly when he had his 5 fish in 8 casts on a lead and Orange Powerbait.

3. MARKLE (East Lothian) Buzzers have been by best the top fly to use along with the CDC Shuttlecock. David Millar from Edinburgh took 4 on Spiders, Tom Russell jnr. Earlston had 8 on Shuttlecocks, Ken Morrison, Edinburgh, 5 on Buzzers and Alex Rowley from Dalkeith took 6 on Buzzers. T Hogg from Edinburgh had 3 – best 9lbs on Buzzers, Stewart McLaughlin, Penicuik, 4 on Buzzers and Mark Anderson from Musselburgh included a fish of 7lbs in his catch of 10 all on Buzzers.

4. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) It has been one of the most changeable weeks with all kinds of weather coming at us. The fishing has been changing too with the depth and flies being changed frequently. A little bit of colour in the flies seemed to be
doing well and still fished fairly slow to give the fish time to decide what to take when there is such an abundance of natural feed for them just now and the water is clear.
A MacLaurin from Braco had 2 fish for 8lbs on an Ally McCoist, A Smith, Ardrossan, 4 for 12lbs 4oz on a Red Tag, David Blair, Ardrossan, 4 for 10lbs 8oz on a CDC and Davy Black from Lochgelly took 4 fish for 11lbs on a White Nomad. Ken Clark from Lochgelly used a White Nomad to bag 4 for 10lbs, J. Kirkwood, Bannockburn, 2 for 6lbs on Buzzers, Bobby Robertson, Falkirk, 3 for 9lbs 4oz on Buzzers and David Murray from Airdrie took a brace for 8lbs on a Cat. A Graham from Lochwinnoch had 3 fish for 10lbs on a Yellow Dancer, Hector Wilson, Bannockburn, 4 for 10lbs 8oz on a Black Ally and R Stevenson from Newarthill took 3 fish for 11lbs on a Diawl Bach.

5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) This week saw the temperatures rising to the hottest day of the year to date which was followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain, giving rise to a wide range of fishing conditions. Water temperature has risen to 16oC and the water clarity was very good up until the torrential downpour late on Sunday afternoon which caused the burn to run dirty, but by Monday morning (6 July) the burn was running clear and conditions were quickly improving. For much of the week the fish were in the top 2 feet of the water, although they were deeper – around 4 feet down – when during the hottest, sunniest spells. Near the top they were taking a selection of nymphs and wet flies, including Damsel, Hare’s Ear, Diawl Bach, Olive nymph, Kate McLaren, Hoppers and Buzzers, whilst those caught deeper were looking for small lures such as Cat’s Whisker and Dancer. A fairly fast retrieve was generally working well whether anglers were fishing from the bank or from boats. Tigers, including some big ones, are once again making their presence seen in the burn area, but are proving quite hard to tempt. A good few large Blues have also been seen cruising the main area of Swanswater.
Catch returns this week feature a few younger anglers taking advantage of fathers and grandfathers to enjoy a day’s fishing during school holidays and doing well. Ian Taylor, Tullibody, 2 for 10lb 12oz including 8lb 6oz Blue, 14 year old Cameron Smith, Alloa, 3 for 12lb including 7lb Rainbow, Danny Doherty, Denny, 5 for 17lb 4oz including 6lb 12oz Rainbow plus 2 caught and released and James Foster, Tillicoultry, 2 for 8lb 8oz including 6lb 8oz Rainbow. Young Mason Binnie, fishing with some help from dad, John, Fallin, landed 5lb 12oz Rainbow, Stephen Mullin and 11 year old son, Liam, shared 5 for 10lb 4oz from the small ponds plus a further 7 caught and released, with Liam taking 10 to dad’s 2 and Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two visits, 9 for 24lb 9oz including a Blue, plus 5 caught and released. Stewart Nicholson, Knightswood, in two visits, 8 for 18lb 8oz including a Blue, Brian MacIntosh, Banknock, 5 for 12lb 4oz, Allan Laing, Carluke, 4 for 11lb, Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, 3 for 11lb and Callum Fellows, Glasgow, 3 for 8lb 8oz. Bill Stanfield, 2 for 6lb and John Mathieson, Stirling, 4lb Tiger.

6. WOODBURN (Milton of Campsie) Well done the Kilsyth Fish Protection AC who had an outing last Saturday in absolutely appalling weather conditions – they persevered and as the weather got better with the wind changing from east to west the fishing got a lot easier resulting in some decent results with Rodney Fitzpatrick having the top catch with 5 fish weighing in at 17lbs 8oz. For the most part of the week dries were still doing the business but the Hot Head Damsel and the Hawthorn Fly are also doing well.
Amongst those doing well was Pat Harte from Bishopbriggs with 5 for 13lbs 8oz, eight year old Aiden Orr, Bishopbriggs, took 4 for 13lbs, G Campbell, Kirkintilloch, 3 for 7lbs, J Steel, Dumbarton, 1 at 4lbs, Tom Johnstone, Milngavie, 4 rainbows and 1 brown trout on catch and release and Andrew Wallace from Dumfries caught 8 for 22lbs 9oz on two visits. Jim Forsyth from Kilsyth had 1 for 3lbs, K Haughton, Stirling, 2rainbows and a blue for 10lbs 8oz, Ross Stuart, Falkirk, 2 weighing 7lbs on C+R, Colin Douglas, Glasgow, 2 blues with the biggest tipping the scales at 7lbs 8oz and Sid Ahmed from Glasgow bagged one at 2lbs 8oz. Rodney Fitzpatrick from Kilsyth
took 4 rainbows and 1 blue for 17lbs 8oz, J .Pender, 3 for 9lbs 8oz – best 4lbs 4oz, Jock Irvine, Kilsyth, 2 for 7lbs 1oz, Matt Angus, Kilsyth, 2 for 7lbs and J. Wilson from Kilsyth had 1 for 4lbs. G. Paterson from Kilsyth caught 1 at 4lbs 5oz, Rab McIntyre, Cumbernauld, 1 at 2lbs, Steven Meechan, Kirkintilloch, 1 for 4lbs 8oz, W Conway, Lennoxtown, had 4 on C+R and John Shaw from Kilsyth netted 8 on C+R with the best being a whopping 7lbs.


by Jim Boyd